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I’ve been blessed to call Greeley home for the past 18 years. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. My lovely wife Lynette and I decided to raise our family in this wonderful town. We have two teenagers! We are Christian, Conservatives and are happy to live in a place that shares our values while welcoming others to our diverse community.

My education spans several years from a degree in Electronic Engineering, Network Engineering, Information Technology and finally an MBA with a focus on IT from the University of Phoenix. My career has been entirely in Information Technology, starting as a Technical Help Desk Associate for a medical management company. I am proud to say that I have spent the last 22 years working in municipal Information Technology with 20 of those years closely supporting the ever growing and increasingly more complex systems for Law Enforcement and Public Safety as a Network and Systems Administrator. I recently moved over from the Public Safety IT side to the municipal side managing a team that supports Databases, Utility Billing, Finance, Development Services, Court, and Document Management services. While our work can seem overly complex, I try to encourage as much fun as possible. I work with a wonderful group of people and look forward to coming to work every day to serve the community.

I have a passion for Leadership and Coaching and have been a volunteer youth football and basketball coach for 12 years. After finishing my time playing, I wanted to give back and help others reach their personal goals as not only athletes but as productive young adults. I take great pride and joy in building up players and helping them realize their true potential. I am currently an assistant coach for the University High School Football program. I love running into past athletes that I have coached and their families who often share fond memories and updates on their accomplishments as they navigate new stages of their lives.

My personal hobbies have a way of keeping me busy but could always use a little more attention. When I was just entering the job market, I thought I might want to be a comic book artist as I was kind of a geek with art and computers in between school and sports. I often spent my Friday nights either drawing or fixing my computer. I attend various Comic Cons regularly and love to watch Anime with my son (Hunter X Hunter!). Seven years ago, I made the complete transition from physical art and mediums to almost entirely digital. All my drawing and 3D design is now done on my iPad and Cintiq. Don’t get me started on digital art, we can talk for hours. 

I’m an avid action figure collector. I know. Who would have known how cool that is? Ha, ha, ha. The main figures I collect are the GI Joe Classified series, Masters of the Universe Masterverse, Masters of the Universe Origins, and Super7 Thundercats.

 I love video games and enjoy attending gaming conventions and Super Smash & Mario Cart tournaments. I’m not any good but it’s fun! Little known fact about me… I was a Dungeon Master’s Assistant when I was 7-8 back when more of us played tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. My job was to help with level design, draw characters and level assets, and story creation. After that, the NES (Nintendo) came out and I was hooked.

Basically, I’m a geek. 😆

To stay fit, I lift weights regularly and play pickup basketball at lunch with friends. In addition, I’m a regular member of a men’s basketball league. In the spring I play on a coed kickball team. Don’t laugh, kickball has proven to be harder than I thought. 

As a leader of our proud community, I will be very inclusive and extremely collaborative. I want to hear what people have to say and know what matters most to them so that I can be a more effective leader. For the most part, I’m an information and data-driven person. I try to make informed decisions and value those who are more informed than I am. I will cherish the great honor bestowed upon me as City Councilman At Large and continue to work for my neighbors and our great city!

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