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My family fell in love with Greeley when we first visited decades ago. The family wire and cable business moved to Greeley back in the mid 90’s and created several jobs for the community and helped strengthen our economy.  I have spent my adult life enjoying and serving this beautiful and diverse city. I've coached youth football and basketball here for the past 10 years. Leading and mentoring the next generation and being a positive, motivating, example to them is deeply important to me. I strongly believe that “Together, we can make a difference.”

My Why... 🤔

I’m often asked, “What made you decide to run for office?” To start, I saw people around me at a young age serving our friends and neighbors and working to make our town a better place to live. My Mom and her friends were very active in the politics of my home town. In addition, my mother was a great example of a woman that is willing to help others and get involved in even some pretty uncomfortable things when called. After moving to Greeley, I wanted to not only coach my children but to give back by mentoring the other children I had influence over.
I’ve spent the past 22 years working in municipal Information Technology and have always been intrigued by the workings of government and how the City Council plays a role in giving a voice to the residents of a city. Additionally, I had the encouragement of a good friend who continued to suggest that I pursue this further. Long story short, I do not have an axe to grind but I do think that we need strong leadership and diverse representation in our community. I hope to lead as an example to others. “Together, let’s make a difference!”
My Positions 2023
Our Community

Greeley is a vibrant and very diverse community. I find the thought of representing such a wide spectrum of people quite exciting! As a leader in our community, it has always been important that we can thrive and feel safe.

Our Families

Our families are what make Greeley so great! When Lynette and I wanted to start a family, we chose Greeley, CO. Through coaching youth sports, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful families. I believe that strong families will help strengthen and grow our community.

Our Youth

I’m a strong believer that the  youth are the future of our community. I will look for ways to improve the education, fitness, creativity and overall well-being of the youth in Greeley. I will encourage their civic involvement and desire to improve the world in which they live.

Our Water

Water is the lifeblood of Northern Colorado and is a necessity in just about everything we do. We need to continue to seek out and invest in clean and abundant water sources. Available water will assist in future building projects, farming, energy and everyday life.

Our Energy

Energy is what fuels our economy. The rising cost of energy is quite concerning to everyone in our community. In addition, these increases are affecting the cost of running businesses. Many of us keep a close eye on energy costs and we need to find ways to reduce the price of energy while applying practical alternative solutions and technologies to save and produce more of what we need.

Our Economy

Building a strong and robust economy is vital to having a thriving community. We need to continue to attract new businesses while helping existing companies expand and grow. The continued focus on growth in these areas should provide more opportunities for residents to work where they live while attracting external talent to our market.

Our Health

As the cost of living continues to increase, it has become ever more important for our leaders to find creative ways for citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money while still being able to afford what is needed to live a healthy life. We need to have more healthy diet solutions and alternatives to the common, high-priced options we so commonly find available to us.

Our Housing

Housing costs in Greeley are still quite high and are making it difficult for young adults and families to afford a place of their own. While the inventory of housing has been increasing, we need to have more affordable housing for all citizens.

Our Safety

I have spent the majority of my professional career supporting large computer systems for law enforcement, fire and EMS. I’ve had the honor to be the technical implementer and point person in many large-scale enterprise IT systems. Even though I was not a first responder, I took great pride in my systems being stable and highly available so that they have the technical tools they need that do not interrupt,  impede or distract from their very important and sometimes dangerous work. This important work is vital to the continued safety and growth of our community.

Ballot Items November 7, 2023
Proposition II (HB23 1290)

I'm in favor of this ballot item failing and returning tax dollars to voters. In my opinion, this could be a never-ending pot of money. II asks voters if they can retain all the taxes collected under EE. Absolutely, NO.

Proposition HH (SB 303)

The goal is to raise taxes by keeping our Tabor refunds. If they really want to lower property taxes, they just do it. They don't need to accomplish it this way. In the end, it will negatively affect everyone in our community.  Absolutely, NO.

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